Your hotel for team building and congress tourism

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Seminars and congress tourism

Hotel “St. Ekaterina” is located in one of the most beautiful areas, which is known for its picturesque nature and clean air. The hotel has halls for congress tourism with a capacity of up to 60 guests. Choose a suitable and cozy environment for congress tourism, which will prepare you for relaxation or work.



up to 60 participants


up to 30 participants


up to 35 participants

Conference table

up to 25 participants


up to 30 participants

Technical equipment

  • Flipchart
  • Multimedia presentation equipment
  • Wi-Fi

The ideal hotel for team building and banquets

You have crazy ideas or you want comfort and peace – “St. Ekaterina” is the most appropriate choice of hotel for team building. Our chefs will stun you with a formal dinner or banquet, and why not a light cocktail for your event. To add a more colorful touch to the event, we can invite guest artists to enliven the festive atmosphere with a special program. Our yard is suitable for various activities that would bring the company team together in a casual and pleasant way. Just tell us what your ideas are and we will realize them. We will help you to experience your holidays in an unforgettable way, in which you will feel comfortable, like at home. Expect pleasant surprises in our excellent menu and wine list, as well as perfect desserts. Choose the perfect hotel for team building and we promise to turn it into an event that will be talked about for a long time.


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